Best Holiday Gift Ever

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In case you were wondering–Magnetiles. Magnatiles? Unsure of spelling, but they’ve been loving them for years.


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Prepare for the Procession of Little Angels

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Free costuming workshops for kids and their families to help prepare for this year’s Procession of Little Angels! Our team of sewing experts will lend you a hand with your costume creation. Bring your own fabric and/or sort through our pile of lengths and remnants (also free, while supplies last).

During the costuming workshops, children are encouraged to develop their own fantasy persona for the Little Angels festival. The inspiration for this persona could be anything magical, fantastic or otherworldly from out of the realm of the mythic imagination, as opposed to that of pop culture and product. It could also be an animal that was a pet once loved and lost, or even a family member or friend who’s passed on.

There will be two special wire and fabric wing-making classes on Sunday, October 19 and Sunday, November 2. $15 materials fee.

Every Sunday and Tuesday between October 12 and November 5.

Sundays 1:30-4:30 pm, Tuesdays 6-9 pm.

Free to attend, but donations to the All Souls Procession Weekend always welcome and gratefully accepted.

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Date night!!! Fun for you, fun for kiddos

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from Playformance!!!


Benefits of Date Night for Couples and their Kids

Everyone has heard that date nights strengthens a relationship, but at Playformance, it doesn’t only benefit the parents, but also the kids!

Playformance offers an opportunity for parents to go on a date night the 2nd Saturday of every month with educational babysitting for only $50 per family!

The babysitting is available from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.

The best part about the whole thing is the babysitting is educational, fun, and offers an opportunity for a night out for the parents!

For the Couples:

According to the National Marriage Project, there are 5 benefits for couples to go out on a date every once in a while.

Date nights offer a chance for the couple to communicate, which is key in a relationship. People are continuingly changing, and by having time to talk to one another, couples are less likely to see problems dealing with change down the road.

Researchers are discovering that “couples who engage in novel activities that are fun enjoy higher levels of relationship quality.” Therefore, date night = better relationship.

For couples who have been together for a long period of time, dates can “rekindle the fire” and let each other remember why they love each other.

Regular date nights have shown an increase in a couple’s commitment to each other, decreasing the chance of infidelity.

Having date nights helps relieve stress, and enjoy time together away from everyday stress.

For the Kids:

At Playformance the babysitting service for Date Night, isn’t the typical babysitting you would expect. This isn’t a local teenager watching TV while your child plays in the other room. Playformance offers a different kind of babysitting every parent will love because of these reasons:

Education! While at Playformance your kids will be surrounded by an environment that encourages movement and taking risks.

Friends! Playformance is a great place to meet new friends through Super Fun games.

Dinner! Pizza! Included for the first child. $5 for each additional sibling.

Clean and Safe! Babysitting is provided by trained Play Leaders who are constantly around children and provide a clean and safe environment.

Fun! Babysitting at Playformance is so fun, you won’t feel guilty for leaving your kids with a babysitter!

Don’t waste anymore time and get signed up!

Phone: (520) 271-1445

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