Oh my beloveds!

February 6th, 2015 · 1 Comment

So much love! For Rachel, my oldest (longest-known) Tucson pal, 20 years now, and her Ila who is about to have a birthday. For my kiddos, who are the most shining lights I know. Love love love and love to all.

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Valentine’s Day–Here’s the plan, Tucson families!

January 26th, 2015 · Comments Off

V-Day is on a Saturday this year so your chances of getting a babysitter are next to none.

Another thing–I really am not a fan of going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Probably because everyone else is doing so, and it feels….annoying.

My husband and I have tradition, 12 years now, of eating artichokes and drinking wine on Valentine’s Day. At home. Which is hard with kids, and getting a babysitter doesn’t help much if you want to be IN YOUR OWN HOME. I’d much rather pay for my kids to have a blast at Playformance and buy some amazing food and eat at home than pay for a babysitter AND a restaurant meal. It’s a better deal, and way more fun for all.

Awesome solution–PLAYFORMANCE!

$30 per child (dinner included). They’ll be playing games, building ninja courses, getting fit and making friends. Space is LIMITED so sign up now!

So you can go out OR stay home, and really celebrate the relationship that is often a bit neglected when we’re doing our best to be great parents. (At least that’s how I’m feeling…)

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MLK Playformance Camp

January 13th, 2015 · Comments Off

Remember, kids don’t have school this coming Monday, January 19th!

But lots of parents have to work, and even if we don’t, we might want our kids to have a special day of play.

The kids can have a blast and we can go to a movie/do a major house cleaning project (eh)/have a date-day.

As I’ve said before, my kids would rather go to Playformance than anywhere else!

Check out the details here.

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