TucsonMama is a place to write about the things that mean the most to us–parenting, Tucson, beer, relationships, women’s health, critters, shopping, politics, celebrity gossip, literature, music, makeup, and movies, for starters. We define “parenting” to include all kinds of nurturing relationships, and while we often refer to “mamas”, it should be understood that we hope to engage Tucson daddies, as well. We are TucsonMama for two reasons: it’s a catchier name, and we are of the opinion that there are some topics that tend to be of particular interest to women. In any case, welcome to TucsonMama. Come for the pretty pictures, and stay for the big words.

TucsonMama is written by Julie Newman Reed, mama of six-year-old Lincoln and four-year-old Clementine, and is married to the awesome TucsonDaddo, Shipherd Reed.

contact: julie at tucsonmama dot com