Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market!

July 12th, 2015 · No Comments

It’s almost open!

Tomorrow, Monday, July 13, is a soft opening for Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market. And before long–I don’t know that there’s an official date-this local market’s going to be ready for us.

We caught a glimpse of this fabulous store last night at a soft-soft opening, more of an informal and unplanned preview. It was 2nd Saturday downtown as well, so the neighborhood was packed.

From what we know, the store will be open daily until midnight. And it has bike delivery! And a seafood and meat counter! A deli! And lots of locally sourced items! And a salad bar! And beer on tap! (Plus one of my fave Bavarian hefe weizens in bottles…)A big plaza/courtyard for eating!

Also, some great blown up photos of the muscle man himself (and a very cool 3-D rendition of Johnny on the east side of the store’s patio).

What does the market stock, in terms of groceries? We saw lots of great basics–baking ingredients (every time I attempt to bake–which is rare–I’m missing something–baking soda, flour, something!), milk, juice, yogurt, pasta, broth, etc. Whatever you realize you are out of, Gibson’s probably has it. Kosher wine? Anchovies? Yep.

For us downtown folks who feel the loss of the 17th Street Market when we really need a lemon or head of lettuce, this is a major bonus. No more car trips to Safeway or Food City just to pick up a single ingredient!

I can imagine that Johnny Gibson’s is going to be a weekly stop on our commute (whether via bike, car, feet, or streetcar) from the University to our downtown home.

Tucson, you are making lots of people very happy!

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