Loft Kids Film Fest! Free! Air conditioned! Free popcorn!

July 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

It’s one of the best Tucson events of the year!

Don’t miss it.

Loft Kids Fest

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Cool crested saguaro!

December 11th, 2015 · Comments Off on Cool crested saguaro!

Is that what they are called? The ones that are all tangled up on top?

I’ve seen one on the University of Arizona campus, near Old Main, but never have happened upon one while hiking.

Can anyone guess where this one is? I’ll tell you if you give up.

(This was last weekend. Who’d think that a December hike would lead to a very sweaty and hot family? Ah, Tucson…)



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Introducing Studio 37 Nail Lounge

December 11th, 2015 · Comments Off on Introducing Studio 37 Nail Lounge

Studio 37 Nail Lounge is the new iteration of Nails 2 Go Go, which I posted about previously (NEARLY 4 MONTHS AGO! CRIMINY!).

It’s a few doors down from the the old Nails 2 Go Go, but is still mama-owned, super clean, affordable, friendly, and fun. Kids’ mani/pedis are half-price! It’s Lincoln and Clementine’s favorite mama date (we don’t go often enough for their liking, of course!)

It’s in middtown, and it’s open Sunday, which is my favorite part! Also, no acrylics, so none of that funky smell that I imagine can’t be too good for the lungs. They do have gel, though, if you want the long-lasting pedi!

Please support this locally-owned, mama-owned business! They will give TucsonMama readers a discount, so mention TucsonMama when you book! (Also, they will come to you–if you get a few friends together, the price is the same for a pedi sitting in the comfort of your own home…not bad!)

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